8th of March


A man who is afraid of woman’s spirit, intelligence, passion and goals, is not a man.

A man who wants to control a woman and her body, is not a man.

A man who would rather have a little puppet by his side, is not a man. He is in love with an adolescent girl who does not want to grow up.

A man who fears the women’s smell, sweat and blood, is not a man. He is not a hunter, he is not a wolf.

Our society is full of men who lost their wilderness in perfumes, civilized suits and administrated obligations.

Wouldn’t it be better to find a wild woman and help her remember all those thousands of centuries that live in her powerful thighs?

If you conquer that kind of a woman, you and she do not need to remember the 8th of March. Every day becomes a celebration of your wild marriage.

Sacred life comes from that passion, full of magic, dust, dance, love and pride.